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An ongoing project to chronicle my triumphs and failures as a tropical freshwater aquarist, The Cichlid Writer is for beginning and professional hobbyists, and everyone in between. This portrait of my time with the aquariums in my home is for you to enjoy and to critically engage. My hope is to build an original site, free of quotations from textbooks or stolen photographs, and to promote responsibility within an amazing and rewarding hobby.

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From the home page (this page), The Cichlid Writer branches into several indexes listing information about aquarium inhabitants such as fish, invertebrates (snails, crabs, etc.) and plants. Other indexes, such as the one labeled "Articles," contains helpful topics tips for algae-control, articles about what fish are, how to set-up an aquarium and to how to take it all apart. These indexes can be explored by clicking the buttons on the left side of each page.

In the indexes about aquarium inhabitants (fish, invertebrates and plants), a basic profile about each inhabitant and pages related to it can be explored. In each fish profile, for example, there are links to my experience with the fish, the fish's basic behaviors, food preferences, compatibility with other aquarium inhabitants, scientific classification (taxonomy), a photo gallery, and links to profiles on other websites.

As this site is new, it has not been fully realized yet; meaning, there are still holes in data and information, perhaps some lingering bugs, and the design is not finished or is prone to a few minor flaws.

For a map of the entire site, click here: Site Index.

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Online as of: January 1, 2012

Last Update: July 11, 2012

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7/4/12: (5/70) "Curviceps Cichlid." "Curviceps Cichlid Compatibility." "Curviceps Cichlid Classification." "Cryptocoryne wendtii var. "Green." "Cryptocoryne wendtii var. "Green" Classification."

5/9/12: (1/65) "Article: Fish Health: Daily Checklist."

5/2/12: (4/64) "Angelfish, Freshwater." "Angelfish, Freshwater Compatibility." "Angelfish, Freshwater Classification." "Angelfish, Freshwater Photography."

4/18/12: (1/60) "My Aquariums."

New photos.


Coming Soon: (7/18/12)

Species Index completion. Blue Gourami profile and subpages. Bolivian Butterfly Ram profile and subpages. Jewel Cichlid profile and subpages. Kissing Gourami profile and subpages. Ramshorn Snail profile and subpages. Amazon Swordplant profile and subpages. Water Wistera profile and subpages.

More articles. More photos.


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Happy Independence Day! Ooo ahhh. Enjoy the fireworks!


Added new pages and fixed some design problems (there always seems to be design problems!). I forgot how long it takes to add one new profile to this website. I may have made this site too complicated... but it's all in the interest of making things more navigable to the use :)


Finally, some updates! Updated navigation panel with more links.


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